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The road to skinny is paved with loneliness?

For me, weight loss has been a road to loneliness, and what makes it worse is the fact that I was on that road to begin with.

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Call in the public shamers, I fell off the wagon.

If you have been following my updates at all, then you know that I have been doing pretty well with my weight loss. In fact, I recently got food poisoning and dropped 4 pounds in a day and a half. BOOM! Following that sickness, I went on a trip with my youth group, and didn’t… Continue reading Call in the public shamers, I fell off the wagon.

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Hi, I’m selfish.

My whole life I have struggled with finding approval from others. In elementary school I can remember wanting so badly to be liked by my teachers. I constantly sought after their validation by working hard on my school work. I would be overwhelmed with anxiety when my teachers would walk by my desk checking on… Continue reading Hi, I’m selfish.