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30 Day Health Challenge!

#notsponsored I had a great Thanksgiving, and for my readers in America, I hope you did as well! The holidays come with a lot of food, which is not a good thing for someone like me. I LOVE food. I turn to food for comfort, celebration, anxiety, pretty much any emotion I feel, and being… Continue reading 30 Day Health Challenge!

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Let’s talk about self-care

After years of struggling with my own anxiety disorder I have come to a conclusion: self-care is a vital part of my life. In my educational journey, each class has ended with a chapter on self-care, and if I’m being honest, I usually didn’t read it. My classmates and I would scoff at the thought… Continue reading Let’s talk about self-care

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Tiny chair versus fat lady

My birthday was just short of two weeks ago (belated presents will be accepted) and I am now a year older, but probably not wiser. I enjoy birthdays, probably too much, and while I would prefer to celebrate my birthday for the whole month of September, this year I settled for just one weekend instead.… Continue reading Tiny chair versus fat lady

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This isn’t my fault

“Don’t take this the wrong way but…you like to play the victim.” He wasn’t wrong. I do enjoy playing the victim, but did he have to call me out so blatantly?! My best friend (you know who you are) is not known for sugar coating things. He will tell me when my singing sounds great,… Continue reading This isn’t my fault

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The Uncalled

Growing up in a Christian home has influenced my life in many ways, God's perfect calling being the biggest one. Throughout my life there has been a HUGE emphasis placed on God's calling for my life. What is he asking me to do? What was I created to do? And let me tell you, I… Continue reading The Uncalled