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Thank you

Happy Thanksgiving week!

I’m sure you’ve seen the gratitude Facebook posts that people do this time of year. Some do it every day in November, others ever day this week. Generally, I don’t participate in the trend of sharing what I am thankful for online as it can become over done, and fake.

Yes, I am thankful for my family, but doesn’t everyone already know that?

I find myself trying to share what will get me the most “likes” and what will make my friends think, “wow, she is such a good person!” I also find it ironic that on Thanksgiving, millions of Americans will leave their overcooked turkey dinner and trample each other at the local Walmart, in the name of gratitude.

But, here I am making a gratitude list.

You won’t be moved to tears by a touching and sentimental story, my heart felt words will not warm your soul and heal broken relationships, but that’s okay. I am perfectly content being with giving you an average list of things that will, hopefully, spark your mind to think of what you are grateful for this year.

Drum roll please…

*awkwardly clears throat*

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado,

Here is my 2018 gratitude list:

  1. Family that supports and loves me, no matter what mistakes I make or how grumpy I can be.
  2. Friends that stand by me, hang out with me, and listen to me vent about dumb stuff
  3. Church friends, family, and activities that stimulate and motivate me, encourage me, and help me pursue God.
  4. Work that is challenging, but provides me the opportunity to feed, clothe, and house myself.
  5. The Drop Youth Group, full of students who keep me on my toes and leaders who keep me accountable. Some of the best nights of my life.
  6. Betty, the white ford fusion whom I love dearly.
  7. Technology that lets me stay in touch with far away friends, and stalk my favorite celebs
  8. New found health and the ability to care for my body properly
  9. Access to mental/physical health care that I often take for granted
  10. Food, generally in endless supplies, that I eat too much of, thoroughly enjoy, and often forget that it is a privilege to have such easy access to.

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