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I can argue no longer

I can argue no longer.

I have tried time and time again to convince those around me to love each other, to care for each other, to respect each other, but my words have fallen short. My ideals and expectations of this world are unattainable, yet I continue to strive for more. How can we continue to let parties separate, anger, and degrade us?

Aren’t we all humans after all?

Why can a man with a title lead millions into a battle that is not worthy to be fought? Don’t we all have the same rights? We continue to preach love, respect and dignity but we show hate with our actions. We tell others of our good deeds but behind closed doors we spout malicious words in the form of Facebook comments and tweets.

We are all people.

We are all deserving of love.

No matter what party, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or country of origin.

Aren’t we all humans after all?

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