Does anyone actually have a physical copy of their bucket list? I have heard so many people talking about wanting to do things and putting certain activities on said bucket list, but yet, I have never seen one. I am guilty of this as well but I as well, do not have an actual bucket list. So today for my blurb I am going to write one out!

  • Travel to every continent
  • Marry
  • Buy a house
  • Buy a brand new car
  • Write a novel
  • Italy
  • Iceland
  • Africa
  • Get a dog!
  • Get a cat!
  • Greece
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • Worship leader

This is all I have for now, or at least all I can think of. Maybe if I will continue to add to this list. I’d like to put the dates next to the items I achieve! We will see what happens!




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