The one

Looking at herself in the mirror she wondered if she had overdone it. She had been working on her makeup for over a half hour. What usually took her fifteen minutes now seemed like it had taken an eternity. She continued to stare into the mirror. The thin black line of eye liner made her green eyes stand out more than usual. Her eyes had always been her favorite feature. As she looked at herself she began to get nervous, palms sweating, pondering if she should go. Shrugging her shoulders, she left the bathroom and meandered to the bedroom. She picked up her jeans and pulled them on, careful not to stick her big toe through the hole in the knee. They were worn down from years of use but she still loved them. She grabbed a Tshirt, socks, and her ankle boots to finish her outfit. She had never been a girl with great fashion sense. She had never been one of the pretty girls either. She was average, nothing special about her looks, but that was alright with her. Standing out in a crowd wasn’t really her idea of a fun time anyway. As she finished packing up her purse for the night she glanced in the mirror one more time. Maybe this would be her last first date. She secretly hoped it would be. She had finally found a nice, attractive guy who wanted more than a one night stand and she didn’t want to let him go easily. She saw his green Camaro pull up outside her house. Her palms began to sweat as she fumbled with the lock on the front door. She begged herself to pull it together, to not screw up her chance with him. He stepped out of his car and raced to meet her at the door. Letting out a heavy sigh, she willed herself to smile. Grabbing his hand she knew he was the one; her last first date.

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